EUFA welcomes progress in Brexit talks

Press release: European Fisheries Alliance welcomes progress in Brexit talks, urges negotiators to preserve current fisheries framework during transition and post Brexit


Brussels – The European Fisheries Alliance welcomes today’s announcement by the European Council that sufficient progress has been achieved in the first phase of the Brexit negotiations. As negotiators now prepare to set out the terms of the transition towards our future relationship, we call on both sides to continue working together in a spirit of cooperation towards a mutually beneficial framework for EU-UK relations. EUFA firmly believes that to achieve such a mutually beneficial outcome, the transition and the future agreement should fully mirror the current legislative framework.

Earlier this week, the Fisheries Council once again demonstrated that long term sustainability of fish stocks and economic success of fishing fleets can only be achieved through deep and long-term cooperation based on objective, sound science and economic realities. The 2017 Council was the last which will fully bind the United Kingdom and considerable uncertainty remains as to the ability of the 2018 Council to take decisions that apply to all fishermen on both sides.  We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our call upon decision makers to ensure that the core governance and management principles that have been at the heart of the CFP from the beginning, are preserved both as part of the transition and after Brexit.

First steps will shortly be made to lay out the foundations of our future relationship. We urge decision makers to support European fishermen and coastal communities by taking into account the uniquely intertwined nature of the EU and UK fisheries and wider seafood sectors and provide us with the business planning security we require by considering fisheries in the context of the wider trade negotiations.

The European Fisheries Alliance stands ready to engage and support all those working towards a mutually beneficial post Brexit framework on fisheries.


EUFA chairman Gerard Van Balsfoort stated earlier today that “We welcome today’s decision by the European Council, this is a necessary first step to give our communities and fishermen the visibility they deserve. We fully support the EU 27’s position that EU law should fully apply during the transition. We firmly believe that the transition, but more importantly the post-Brexit agreement in the area of fisheries, should fully mirror the current situation so as to protect sustainability of fish stocks and to secure the economic future of fishermen in both UK and the EU. We are confident that EU negotiators will address the issue of fisheries in the context of the wider trade negotiations.”  

About the European Fisheries Alliance

The European Fisheries Alliance is a coalition of European fishing fleets directly impacted by Brexit. For the time being, members include national organizations from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden. The alliance accounts for over 18,000 fishermen and 3,500 vessels across the up and downstream industry, with an annual turnover €20.7 billion.

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Secretariat: +32 2 282 96 99

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