The European Fisheries Alliance – Today marks one year since European alliance created to secure fair Brexit deal for the fisheries industry

The European Fisheries Alliance – Today marks one year since European alliance created to secure fair Brexit deal for the fisheries industry

Brussels – The European Fisheries Alliance reaches an important milestone today: A year ago, representatives of the European fishing sector from the nine nations most affected by Brexit came together in the European Parliament, under the auspices of Fisheries Committee Chairman Alain Cadec, to affirm their unity and determination to jointly work towards a mutually beneficial and long-term post-Brexit fisheries agreement for the EU and the UK.

Gerard van Balsfoort, Chairman of the European Fisheries Alliance remarked:

“We realized the importance of speaking with one voice and to present a common message to our governments and the EU institutions. One year later, EUFA’s message remains unchanged. We are confident that a mutually beneficial post-Brexit fisheries framework can be achieved if the EU and the UK negotiate an agreement on the basis of current arrangements on access to waters and resource allocation, while taking into account the wider trade context. Only together can we ensure sustainable stocks and the long-term economic prosperity of our fleets in both the EU and the UK”.

The European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee Chairman Alain Cadec added:

“Fisheries cannot be a bargaining chip in the Brexit negotiations. I am happy to see the European fishing sector speaking with one voice and adopt a constructive attitude. We have to work towards an agreement that preserves the interests of our fishermen: access to waters and respect for the principles of the CFP”.

Following a year that saw coastal communities from across Europe sign the so-called Santiago Declaration on Brexit, the European Fisheries Alliance looks to the future with confidence. We are grateful for the good cooperation with Michel Barnier and his team, our governments and Members of the European Parliament and for their support and understanding of our concerns.

As the Brexit talks progress, the European Fisheries Alliance will continue to work towards a Brexit agreement in the area of fisheries that is grounded in reciprocity, and which reflects the fundamentally intertwined nature of our sector, our historic ties as well as our shared responsibility to sustainably manage stocks.

About the European Fisheries Alliance

The European Fisheries Alliance is a coalition of European fishing fleets directly impacted by Brexit. Our current members include national producer organizations from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden. The Alliance accounts for over 18,000 fishermen and 3,500 vessels across the up and downstream industry, with an annual turnover €20.7 billion.