EUFA welcomes today’s draft guidelines on the future trade agreement

Press release: EUFA welcomes draft guidelines on the future trade agreement

Brussels – The European Fisheries Alliance (EUFA) welcomes the draft guidelines presented today by European Council President Donald Tusk. The commitment by the European Union to maintaining current access to waters and resources and to conduct negotiations on fisheries in the context of a wider trade agreement is an important step towards a balanced and mutually beneficial post-Brexit agreement on fisheries.

EUFA firmly believes that the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union in the area of fisheries should be based on the principles enshrined in the Common Fisheries Policy regarding mutual access to waters and allocation of fishing opportunities.

EUFA chairman Gerard van Balsfoort stated that “Current rules on access to waters and resources are at the heart of the Common Fisheries Policy and should be the foundation of our post-Brexit relationship. We welcome that the European Union has today acknowledged the importance of ensuring a direct link between the post-Brexit fisheries framework and the future EU-UK free trade agreement. By the very nature of their activity, the British and European sectors have historically been deeply intertwined.  Recognizing this fact is essential to ensure a post-Brexit deal on fisheries that will secure long-term economic prosperity for fishermen, businesses and coastal communities both in the United Kingdom and the European Union”.

About the European Fisheries Alliance

The European Fisheries Alliance is a coalition of European fishing fleets directly impacted by Brexit. For the time being, members include national organizations from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden. The alliance accounts for over 18,000 fishermen and 3,500 vessels across the up and downstream industry, with an annual turnover €20.7 billion.

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Secretariat: +32 2 282 96 99

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