EU Fishers are paying a high price for a Brexit agreement

Press Release – 24 December 2020

EU Fishers are paying a high price for a Brexit agreement: the present deal is a significant blow and leaves them facing an uncertain future

European Fishermen will pay a high price for today’s Brexit agreement. While the exact details of the agreement remain to be seen and analysed, the information available is very concerning to EU Fishermen.

We are now facing the prospect of loss of large parts of fishing rights that has been built up over many generations of fishermen. This will have grave consequences for the fishing industry, the fishermen, their families and communities.

This deal does not provide any long term certainty for our fleets, as the entire agreement might be back in play in a mere five years from now. This will stifle investment in our sector and coastal communities and completely leaves open the questions of long-term collaborative sustainable management of fish stocks.

We call upon the European Commission and the Member States to take all the necessary measures, financial and political to secure the long-term future of our industry.

Gerard van Balsfoort, Chairman of the European Fisheries Alliance remarked: “Details of the deal notwithstanding, it is clear from what we know that this is a dark day for the European fishing industry.  The loss of a significant part of our fishing rights, built up over many generations of fishermen, is a huge blow that leaves thousands of livelihoods hanging in the balance. On top of this, the extremely short transition period leaves us facing further uncertainty and hardship in the very near future”.



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