Danish Fishing Communities meet TF 50

From 3rd to 6th November a Danish delegation of mayors from 5 fisheries dependent municipalities and one of the Danish regions, together with representatives from the Danish fishing industry visited Brussels.

The purpose of the visit was to highlight the importance of the Danish fishing industry in Denmark and to stress the importance of a good outcome for the fishing industry in the Brexit negotiations.

The mayors met with Danish members of the European Parliament, the Danish EU Ambassador, and last but certainly not least a representative from the Commission Brexit Task Force.

At all three occasions the mayors informed about how important the fishing sector is and drew attention to the fact that the fishing sector is highly dependent on a satisfactory outcome of a future Brexit agreement with UK.

Fortunately, the representative from Mr. Barniers office restated that nothing has changed in terms of the mandate given to the Commission by the Council regarding the link between granting access for British commodities to the EU market and the future access to British waters for EU fishing vessels.

So it was a smiling head of the Danish Delegation, Mayor Arne Boelt, who could hand over a copy of the Santiago Declaration from 2017 to the member of Mr. Barniers staff, Mr. Bence Toth.

Mr. Boelt was accompanied by Chairman of the Danish Fishermen’s PO (DFPO) Mr. Svend- Erik Andersen, Member of the Executive Committee of DFPO Mr. Jan N. Hansen and the Chairman of the Danish Pelagic PO Mr. Fridi Magnusen.

Mr. Boelt informed that 18 Danish municipalities had signed the Santiago declaration last year and emphasized that the declaration is as important today – one year later.

The delegation left Bruxelles 6th November after some very fruitful and important meetings.

The full text of the Declaration of Santiago de Compostella can be found here.

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